Bilkent University – Faculty of Engineering

Bilkent University Faculty of Engineering is a leading education and research institution, which has been cultivating leaders and innovators since 1986. Every year, Faculty of Engineering attracts about 600 students from the top 2-3% in the national university entrance examination in Turkey. Additionally, Faculty of Engineering annually admits about 100 highly qualified international students from a large geography. Each year, about 80-90 of our students spend 1-2 semesters in one of our international exchange partner universities in USA, Europe and Asia. Furthermore, about 10-20 students from our exchange partners annually come to Bilkent to study at the Faculty of Engineering for 1-2 semesters. With its diverse student body and several international exchange opportunities, Faculty of Engineering provides a rich multi-cultural experience to the students. Coming from an environment with high technical excellence and strong cultural diversity, our graduates traditionally enjoy impressive employment opportunities worldwide and many students continue their graduate education in prestigious universities abroad.

Our vision is to empower our students to attain deep technical excellence and skills to adapt to a rapidly changing world. We believe a broad educational approach is essential to equip engineers not only with technical knowledge, but also with a diverse collection of skills in communication, social sciences, arts, humanities, and economics.

Our mission is not only to impart contemporary engineering and scientific knowledge in the engineering disciplines but also to inculcate creativity, research techniques, and self-development. The graduates of our engineering programs are expected to acquire dynamic learning and effective team-working skills and to readily adapt to technological changes as well as to solve fast growing grand problems of the modern society. Read more...