Bilkent University – Faculty of Engineering

Bilkent University Faculty of Engineering is a leading education and research institution, which has been developing and cultivating leaders since 1986. Every year, the Faculty of Engineering attracts students from the top percentive bracket in Turkey and further more Bilkent University is one of the most recognized and high ranking Turkish universities internationally. Graduates of the Engineering program traditionally enjoy impressive employment opportunities world-wide and many students continue their graduate education in prestigious universities abroad.

Our vision is to empower our students to attain deep technical excellence and skills to adapt to a rapidly changing world. We believe a broad based educational approach is essential to equip engineers not only with technical knowledge, but also with a diverse collection of skills in communication, social sciences, arts, humanities, and economics. Our overall mission is to create future leaders who are imaginative, innovative and seek solutions to global problems.

Bilkent prides itself on its cutting edge technology and the engineering curriculum reflects this objective. The students are exposed to real life projects and conceptual problem solving techniques, as well as traditional classroom training to better prepare themselves to handle rapid developments in technology. Education on the fundamentals of engineering and research are as vital as cultivating creativity, analytical problem solving and developing academic curiosity. Read more...