Prof. Akar and Prof. Yaman-Paternotte received 2017 Bilkent Distinguished Teaching Awards

Two faculty members of Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Nail Akar and Prof. Hande Yaman Paternotte, received 2017 Bilkent University Distinguished Teaching Awards.

Every year Bilkent University recognises  the outstanding teaching abilities of its faculty members by awarding them with the Distinguished Teaching Awards given during the graduation ceremonies. These awards value teaching activities within Bilkent University. The awards are granted since 1997; since 2007 Bilkent University uses a nomination-based teaching awards procedure. Each year faculties nominate a number of members for the award. The nomination folder contains a teaching statement from the nominee as well as support letters from students and alumni. A university level committee, which is annually appointed by the Senate (typically among previous years’ awardees), chooses 3-4 awardees each year among nominated.

2017 awards were given to faculty members on June 17, 2017 during the Bilkent University Graduation Ceremony.


Date: June 17, 2017