Autonomous Robot for Harsh Terrains

A team of Bilkent Mechanical Engineering Department students, Berkan Zorlubas, Mert Yildiz, Ramazan Tufan Erdogan, Ibrahim Sefa Kutsal, Mutmein Selim Karamahmut and Hamit Doruk Aktan, designed an autonomous robot for military use  that can help  carrying various types of loads  through harsh terrains. The robot is designed and developed as part of the Second  Industrial Senior Project Fair of Mechanical Engineering Department in collaboration with Roketsan. With the help of  a GPS module, the robot can carry a load of up to 30 kg to a set of target coordinates  specified in a map. The load can be carried to a distance of up to 6 km. The robot  can also be used and controlled by a soldier directly to help him carrying his backpack during surveillance.  The soldier can control the robot from a distance of 20 m. The robot can operate in harsh  environments and mountains as well.

Bilkent University Engineering Faculty  undergraduate students are doing industry-oriented innovative senior projects in their 4th year of education in collaboration with  companies from various sectors. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Atalar, Rector of Bilkent University, says that students enjoy working on senior projects that are innovative and that have industrial focus so that they prefer working through the nights in the labs instead of going home.

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Date: June 09, 2017