Emergency Ring by Computer Engineering Graduates

Two graduates of Bilkent University Department of Computer Engineering designed an emergency ring, called Wing, that can inform friends or relatives  of a person in case of emergency.  Burcu Coskun and Dogukan Sengul, both 29 years old and  graduated from  Computer Engineering Department, established a startup company called Kuixo two years ago, whose mission is to realise ideas that are challenging to implement. So far, the company designed and developed various mobile applications for  blind people. The most recent product that they designed is Wing, a ring-shaped device with an emergency button that can be worn to fingers.  It can be used by women against assaults. The device includes a Bluetooth module, a rechargeable battery and a specially designed button. When the button on the ring is pressed, the location information is sent to five other people that are registered by the user.

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Date: June 09, 2017